Securing your business while managing a multi-country European data strategy

Date: 19th Mar 2015

Venue: Andaz, 40 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7QN

Multi-territory data strategies require due consideration of data governance, data sovereignty, national data regulation compliance, data location, securing data in transit, the list goes on. For any business relying on data residing in multiple locations in European data centres the issues are many and complex. Throw in to the mix the pan European requirements for security, privacy and accountability and the situation starts to look critical.

But that is only the start. Delivering against the business requirement by adopting a cloud strategy could open even the most security and process conscious business to threats from lawmakers and from darker adversaries. Cloud providers are not liable for end user industry regulation compliance.

Research carried out as part of the drawing up of Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines showed that only 1% of cloud providers are ready to address the requirements of the new EU rules. How do you traverse this legal and regulatory minefield and come out with your data secure and your business intact?

Adopting a pan European data management strategy begins with choosing the right data centre provider. A supplier with a pan European presence who understand local, regional, national and pan European compliance requirements.

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