Is your usage of data aligned with your business priorities?

Are you utilising all your data to help your business manage itself more effectively and competitively going forward?

Date: 7th Oct 2015

Venue: The Ivy Market Grill, 1 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8PS

Discover how to automate business outcomes from big data with the right integration tools for the job.

Structured and unstructured data is pouring into every organisation at an unprecedented rate from multiple physical locations in multiple formats and end point devices. Much of this data is financial in nature.

The business demand has shifted to seeking real market advantage through big data intelligence.

In order to mitigate the problem you must put the right integration tools to work. Tools which handle and manage data sets irrespective of source or data quality to provide real insight for the business user and to inform outcome based decision making.

Utilizing open source Big Data technologies such as Hadoop/NoSQL, HIVEQL or Spark, Talend customers are already addressing real big data issues.

Delivering accurate, diverse data to non-technical staff could be the difference between success and failure.

All verticals such as corporate financial services, Insurance, banking, traditional and e-retail, and pharma must address customer digitisation, data volume explosions and unstructured data.

Join this very special CBR Dining Club with specialist open source big data integration experts Talend to explore how to drive value from data and application integration.

Discuss with your peers and with industry experts how you can cluster information, leverage analytics, improve financial data accuracy, detect fraudulent activity, gain a holistic customer view for better management, service improvement and greater revenue opportunities and even how to surface data hidden within market sentiment across social media.

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