The new cloud paradigm and taking advantage of fluid computing for new enterprise applications

Date: 9th Mar 2016

Venue: City Social, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HQ

How can business take advantage of the flexibility and agility on offer from today's cloud environments. The move to cloud is inexorable with many CIOs adopting a cloud first policy.

But developing and deploying production application workloads for cloud requires a different approach and new considerations. How can firms ensure they will be able to shift workloads between different clouds, from on-premise to cloud and back while ensuring data integrity and security.

How can organisations change their approaches to application development in order to take advantage of fluid computing infrastructure? Dev Ops is already changing software development, containers and micro services will change application development and deployment which truly takes advantage of data fabric computing availability.

The cloud is not just third party infrastructure, however organisations taking advantage of scale and abundance must also retain control.

How are CIOs addressing these issues?

Join CBR and Pure Storage for this exclusive dining club event which will discuss the new direction for computing. Learn and exchange ideas with industry experts and your peers on how third platform computing is being delivered.

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