Simplification and industrialisation - How to build the third platform

IT’s industrialisation revolution is overdue – productivity, efficiency and accountability demand it

Date: 6th Jul 2016

Venue: The Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW

The scale and pace of technology adoption for the Industrial IOT, Big Data, Mobile and Cloud make traditional IT models unsustainable.
The age of waste is coming to an end. Deploying over-designed, overbuilt and underutilised capacity is no longer a viable technology strategy for Petabytes and Exabytes of data.

For too long the premium paid for data centre and IT operations was the costly reliance on the physical infrastructure stack to support complex heterogeneous IT environments.

Capital deployment and mission critical operation economics have been woefully underdeveloped.
Utilisation and efficiency were often barely considered.

The solution requires data driven efficiency through simplification of complex environments based on the industrialisation of equipment and processes.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a telco, a bank, a transport company or a retailer.

For infrastructure to efficiently underpin surging traditional IT demands alongside Big Data and IOT needs new levels of visibility

As an IT leader ask yourself:
Can you accurately forecast demand?
Is your infrastructure flexible enough to deliver new services in response to market demand?
Can you accurately budget for IT and data centre power costs?
Do you know the cost of delivery for your next workload?
If audited could you calculate the running costs of your data centre?
In future do you expect to provide greater accountability for assets deployed to deliver new digital business lines and services?

Join us for this very special CBR Dining Club event to debate the big questions around building the platforms for the fourth industrial revolution. With our hosts Schneider Electric the discussion will focus on the opportunities for IT and business transformation to deliver the digitally transformed enterprise. This is a unique opportunity to learn and share experiences with a cross industry audience of your peers and take away vital data to inform your strategy for the next wave of digital change.

Schneider Electric has been providing energy and power systems for nearly a century. Today it is one of the largest software led data centre and IT infrastructure firms in the world. The firm is leading the discussion on data centre and IT operational transparency, monitoring, measurement and accountability.

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