Banking on the customer for digital transformation in finance

Date: 19th Oct 2016

Venue: The Don, The Courtyard, 20 St Swithins Lane, City of London, EC4N 8AD

Financial institutions are embracing customer driven transformation

In today’s always on digital economy customer expectations have changed and Financial Institutions are reacting.

Expectations for service levels, choice and interaction are being set by experiences that customers enjoy with ‘born on the internet’ web scale business.

The financial services industry knows that it is those who provide personalised service on a massive scale, customer choice, and always on communication will gain advantage of a single customer view which will enable multi-level engagement and open up omni-channel business models.

This will bring higher customer retention and stronger customer relationships.

In order to position themselves competitively, Financial Institutions need to rethink the ‘customer experience’ – in particular ensuring the dots are connected between the front, middle and back office operations to improve transparency.

The single most important step in this rethinking is to take the customer’s perspective. Investment Management organisations need to redesign their whole business from a customer point of view.

This CBR dining club in partnership with Sugar CRM is a fantastic opportunity to hear how the industry is rapidly transforming to engage with customers on deeper level through understanding the customer journey.

• How can you take the “customers perspective” in order to reach potential buyers effectively before their decision has been made?
• What new methods have emerged that make it easier not only to gather data but also to use it and keep it real and relevant?
• What the "customer journey" looks like for the investment banks of the future?
• How Financial Organisations can meet customer expectations and still comply with regulatory pressures?
• How you can orchestrate customer interactions as much possible?

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