Exploiting and Protecting Your Data Assets

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Venue: South Place Hotel, 3 South Pl, London EC2M 2AF

The ubiquity of connected devices, including smart phones, sensors and wearables, combined with powerful compute and storage utilities has enabled data volumes and speed of exchange to grow exponentially over the last five years. This has far exceeded the capacity of most legacy systems to accommodate and manage data in a way that derives full benefit from such a critical business resource. Every indication suggests that such trends will continue for decades to come with the inevitable challenges this presents.

Veritas is tackling this problem full-on by providing innovative tools and techniques to harvest data in a manageable form, thus enabling IT to satisfy the business need for timely and meaningful information. By doing so, Veritas is helping IT sustain itself as a key business partner in the frantic search for competitive advantage.

In this discussion dinner, Veritas will outline a powerful new vision for where data related developments may take us in the next three to five years, and describe how businesses will require new tools to harness this key resource for real-time decision making. This will offer attendees a valuable forum in which to share challenges and opportunities that such a future vision presents.

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