The AI Power Room Series Purposeful Artifical Intelligence for your Business

Date: 6th Dec 2017

Venue: TBC, Boston

An exponential growth in the amount of data, both within and outside the organization, continues to make business operations more complex. While organizations are expected to deliver more for less, customers are becoming
increasingly demanding. In this environment, organizations need to be agile, responsive and continuously learn and evolve to thrive.

The AI Power Room Series brings together like-minded individuals and thought leaders to consider technology solutions to address these forces impacting their business. With AI and related technologies in focus, the discussion will be about how we can work together to further your objectives within a changing business environment. The discussion will include sharing of use cases and examples of how Infosys is helping organizations like yours to tackle complex business problems like forecasting revenues, forecasting what products need to be built, understanding customer behavior, predicting customer churn, predicting cost of raw materials, predicting risk, automating procurement processes, deeply understanding the content of contracts and legal documents, understanding compliance, fraud detection and prevention, and many more.

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