RPA + Agile: How to apply agile software techniques to scale RPA effectively

Date: 26th Jun 2019

Venue: One Moorgate Place, Chartered Accountants Hall, 1 Moorgate Pl, London EC2R 6EA

Robotic Process Automation, RPA or just Robotics has grown exponentially in recent years. Used correctly, RPA is a revolutionary technology with the capability to transform your business but applied, thoughtlessly, it can create more problems than it solves.

At this exclusive dinner hosted by the world's leading RPA vendor, Automation Anywhere, and their UK implementation partner BP3, we will explore how to use agile software techniques to identify when AND when not to apply RPA in your organisation.

More broadly, we will explore different types of automation from robotics to workflow and case management solutions through to Machine Learning approaches and how to organize your automation investments to release value early, in order to drive further investment. Also, how to borrow from the realm of data science, techniques around exploratory data analysis and process mining to support iteratively validate the conclusions.

Importantly, we will underpin the conversation with actual case studies and real-life data.

Participants will learn:

How to identify and classify automation opportunities
How to apply the right automation technology to each automation opportunity type
How to use agile software techniques to deliver value iteratively and quickly
How to use data science techniques to iteratively validate conclusions
How to build a self-funding automation roadmap

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