The Insurer Conundrum: balancing legacy and digital operational transformation

How insurers are adopting digital trends and technologies through targeted interventions and enterprise wide operational transformation agendas.

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In today's disruption heavy insurance landscape, insurers must free up capital from legacy and unwieldy business processes to invest in digital operations and complete their metamorphosis to a digital-first, future-ready insurer. In a PWC global CEO survey, over 70% of Insurance CEOs are banking on operational efficiency to deliver growth. Extracting this from global, disparate, and fragmented business processes is a massive challenge.

Hexaware in conjunction, with EY, and Xx(our customer) aims to help insurers in driving this digital transformation across their enterprises. Through this conversation, we aim to cover the prevailing industry trends leaders should take notice of, our experience of transforming business processes across areas like Claims and Policy Administration along with the leading Belgian insurer Xx to reflect on their transformation journey with Hexaware.

This will be crucial for those contemplating on how to mesh business processes and domain expertise with technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and best in class process excellence. For those further along the journey to digital transformation than others, this webinar will serve as a useful guide in identifying more use cases and benchmarking the value that your enterprise has uncovered.

The transformation train is almost pulling out of insurance central. Register quickly for an information-packed, transformation heavy session with a confluence of these three perspectives covering the entire spectrum of what you need to know to drive enhanced value across your operations.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand current and near-future industry trends in transforming operations.
2. Reflect on a leading insurer's journey through transformation
3. How to effectively merge operations and technology, identify use cases, and quantify value of results.

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