Digitally transforming your operation

Date: 3rd Oct 2019

Venue: Brown's Hotel, Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BP

SPS doesn't work with just any company - we add the most value to companies of a certain size, in specific sectors. They tend to have a large number of employees, customers and/or suppliers and substantial amounts of data flowing through the organisation, usually within a regulated environment. We make it easier for them to transition from traditional, physical processes with high levels of human touchpoints, as well as offering improved service levels and better customer experience. In turn, reducing the burden of regulatory compliance and allowing them to focus on core business and growth strategy. This private and exclusive event will explore the ways in which SPS can optimise companies like yours, and highlight the benefits that come with digital transformation and process enhancement. For example;

  • Enhance your customers' experience and ensure more informed decision making by enabling an improved choice of communications channels
  • Increase your compliance standard and reduce corporate risk by offering instant, secure, digital access to key documentation at any time or location
  • Improve your cash-flow by driving efficiency and better customer and supplier interaction
  • Achieve significant cost reduction in the handling of physical documents, inbound call channels, complaints handling and credit control activities
  • Support and empower your remote workers through a smooth, yet secure, flow of company data

This SPS hosted event will provide you with an overview of how we can drive your transformation and ultimately increase your shareholder value. And of course will allow you to meet, liaise & chat with specialists from SPS - all within the confines of a beautiful 5-star restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event.

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