Advantages of Water Atomized Powders for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Sponsored by: AMETEK Specialty Metal Products

Focused on:

    Date: 17 June


    Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

    Making the switch to water atomized powder in Additive Manufacturing - characteristics, production capability, and economics.

    As Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes approach technological maturity, the industry continues to focus on improving the cost position of AM parts. Mainstream metal AM solutions currently focus largely on powder-based systems producing aerospace components. The default material for these is Vacuum Induction Gas Atomized (VIGA) powder with very high purity, low gas contents, and equally high costs to meet stringent aerospace standards. However, with increasingly understood potential of AM, the industry continues to drive into more industrial markets, where some important questions arise:

    • Do you need an aerospace grade powder for industrial, oil & gas, or automotive applications?
    • What types of substitution parts could potentially use industrial grade materials?
    • What cost savings are you currently not capturing?
    • For what applications are you missing a sale due to unnecessarily high-cost raw materials?
    • Does your current supply chain have capacity to meet demand in the near and long term?

    In this webinar, we will discuss pros & cons of implementing water atomized powders for AM processes, including the economic case for making the switch. We will review the characteristics of water atomized AM powders and how they compare to VIGA materials. Questions regarding technical capability of the product as well as the powder production process will be addressed directly. Following this will be an overview of some select data on properties of printed components to illustrate capability with typical equipment and parameters.

    Finally, we will analyze cost basis and installed capacity differences in the supply chain to highlight the rapid and economic scaling capability of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products’ (SMP) powder supply for AM. AMETEK SMP has supplied high quality atomized powders for nearly 50 years, and continues to be a world leader in stainless, nickel, and cobalt-based powders for powder metallurgy, thermal spray, metal injection molding, filtration, and metal additives for plastics.

    Register now and save your seat to learn about the future in materials for Additive Manufacturing. Powder bed processes, binder jetting, cold spray, and directed energy processes can all reduce per-part cost through utilization of water atomized powders. This is your one-stop introduction to water atomized powders for AM applications, and how they fit into the greater context of growing the addressable market for AM components.

    Presented by

    Dr. Brad Richards,

    Product Manager Atomized Powders

    Manufacturing (AM) materials through laser cladding, thermal spray, and conventional metal, ceramic, and composite processing.

    While the focus of his work is developing solutions for customers, Dr. Richard’s technical interests remain in processing technologies and materials systems. He has more than ten publications in international peer review journals, and has led engineering, development, and cost reduction projects for OEMs and manufacturing operations alike.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Characteristics of Water Atomized powder
    • Motivation for switching to Water Atomized powders in AM
    • Technical and supply considerations for substituting Water Atomized powder


    • Procurement Managers
    • Process Engineers and Technologists
    • Supply Chain
    • Technology Platform Leaders
    • Program Managers
    • R&D Staff