How Next-Gen Zero UI is Revolutionising the Payments Landscape

Sponsored by: Futurice

Focused on:

  • Zero Ui
  • Facial Recognition

Date: 26 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How new forms of interaction are set to revolutionise payments and services.

Ever since the invention of the first computer, we have been on a mission to make our interaction with information more effortless and intuitive. We’ve moved from punch card computers to finally having the information at our finger tips on our smartphones. Yet we are again at a crossing-point. We are outgrowing smartphones. The dream is to get rid of the middleman altogether.

That’s where zero user interface (UI) technologies come in. 'Zero', because they do away with the screen, in favour of much more natural, human-level interaction through facial recognition, haptics, voice and computer vision. These technologies will disrupt user experience as we know it. Facial recognition, computer vision and voice recognition are among the most promising avenues. They are going to allow us breeze through an airport, do our shopping without checkout, and interact with the digital world just like we would interact with the physical.

Most of these interactions rely on a smooth payment process. The industry has been responding to this with contactless payment and mobile payment solutions, removing the need to carry anything but your phone. What if we can remove even the phone from the process to get to the ultimate zero-UI payment experience? This webinar will highlight Norway’s first-ever successfully implemented facial recognition payment service as a case study.

Join this webinar to hear from Tugberk Duman, Head of Innovation at Futurice and Sven Richard Tønnessen Head of TINE’s Technology Lab. Tugberk and Sven will also be available to answer your questions at the LIVE Q&A. Register Now!

Presented by

Tugberk Duman,

Head of Innovation,

Tugberk is passionate about using emerging technologies to rid people working in the service business of mundane tasks, allowing clients to concentrate on what really matters - serving the customer. In 2016, Tugberk launched Futurice’s biometrics business unit to help shape the future of human-machine interaction. The following year, he stepped up to his current role leading the company’s innovation unit. His latest work includes face recognition payment in the financial service sector and developing walk-pace identification technology with Finavia and Finnair.

Sven Richard Tønnessen,

Head of TechnologyLab

Sven leads TINE’s Technology Lab, creating a culture of curiosity for new technologies in one of Norway’s largest and oldest companies. This will enable TINE to be adaptable to change in the exponential tech development in the world. We build culture through experimentation, demonstration, learning and sharing.

The Technology Lab has carried out pilot projects in biometrics, computer vision, VR, AR, voice assistants, robotics and chatbots over the last year.

Sven has a unique profile, combining traditional management consulting and leading large IT implementations with innovation efforts in both start-up and corporate settings.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What Zero-UI will mean for digital experiences
  • How payments fit into biometrics and facial recognition
  • Data and privacy considerations


  • Head of innovation
  • CIO
  • Head of product
  • Head of IT
  • CMO
  • CEO
  • Head of R&D