How to strike the right balance between reducing fraud and creating a frictionless experience for your genuine banking customers

Sponsored by: BAE Systems

Focused on:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Automation

Date: 20 June


Time: 10AM London/11AM CET

Strategies on how to disappoint fraudsters, not customers

Striking the right balance between reducing fraud rates and maintaining an easy, frictionless experience for genuine customers is a constant challenge for banks.

The growth of open banking initiatives globally, whilst good for consumers, is causing many to rethink the best way to mitigate fraud. Disintermediation threatens to distance banks from their customers whilst at the same time regulators are pressing them to take more liability for losses that their customers are unwittingly incurring.

With the advent of PSD2 in Europe it is more important than ever to be able to react faster to new fraud threats originating from an increasing number of channels. Failure to respond quickly could lead to increased authentication checks and the negative customer reaction that would generate.

So how to square the circle?

At the vanguard of fraud prevention, those with foresight are starting to link up a number of innovative strategies that go beyond tactical reactions and siloed solutions. These are the strategies that offer the best prospects for overcoming the threat of ever more sophisticated criminal organisations.

The webinar will cover the ways to carefully monitor fraud attacks, how to automate detection, quickly adjust rules in response to new threats and ways for customers to pre-verify certain transactions as genuine and redesign the whole journey to improve customer experience. We will also look into the future and highlight some areas where we believe the most uncertainties will lie.

Presented by

Ali Imanat,

Manager, e-Crime Lead
UK Finance

Ali is an e-crime subject matter expert with responsibility for assessing the evolving payment landscape. Working closely with UK Finance members, he reviews, assesses and advises on consultations and proposed regulations/legislation that has an impact on members’ fraud prevention processes and techniques. Ali also commissions activities to research new product and service offerings to determine if they enhance members fraud deterrent measures. At an operational level, Ali has responsibility for managing the Financial Fraud Panel.

Iona Bain,

Financial Journalist

Iona Bain is a financial journalist, speaker, author and blogger who started the pioneering Young Money Blog in 2011 and has become the UK's go-to voice on young personal finance.

She appears regularly on TV and radio and has presented Radio 4 Moneybox specials, most recently on financial fraud. Iona gives keynotes at major financial events, writes regularly for national press, advises brands on how to connect with young people, and is writing a new book to follow Spare Change published in 2016.

Iona is a governor of the Pensions Policy Institute and was named Freelancer of the Year 2018 by IPSE, the leading association for the self-employed.

Gareth EVANS,

Senior Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention Consultant
BAE Systems

Senior Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention Consultant with over 20 years’ experience at some of the UK’s leading Financial Services Organisations and Software Vendors.

Gareth started his career with HSBC before joining the UK credit card revolution at Bank One International, after many years within the credit card industry focussing on both card payment fraud and application and post application fraud, Gareth moved into application fraud software product development.

In 2007, Gareth joined Lloyds Banking Group to implement their non-plastic fraud strategy in time for the UK’s Faster payments initiative. Now at BAE Systems Gareth is tasked with shaping the BAE Systems Fraud Prevention offering within the Applied Intelligence Cyber Crime Division.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Share insights/expertise into the topic
  • Hear what other experts have to say on the subject
  • Hear about how other banks have tackled the issue


  • Head of Fraud
  • Head of Financial Security
  • Head of Counter Fraud
  • Director/Head of Financial Crime
  • Director Financial Investigation
  • Head of FIU
  • Head of Financial Crime Policies
  • Financial Crime Director
  • Head of Financial Crime
  • Head of Department Global Financial Crime Unit
  • Head of Anti-Fraud and Investigations Counter Fraud BAE Systems