Transforming Operations to Drive Cost-Efficiency in Financial Services

Sponsored by: ABBYY

Focused on:

  • Digital Intelligence
  • Financial Institutions

Date: 7 July

Days to go: 25

Time: 2pm London / 3pm CET

Digital Intelligence is an Imperative

Financial institutions are looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining their competitive advantage. Increasing competition, low interest rates and the corrosive effects of the coronavirus have culminated into a vicelike squeeze on already shrinking margins. To survive, banks must focus on taking a strategic approach to cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital intelligence can help. It’s a simpler way to gain in-depth knowledge of how your processes work using all your data – including the unstructured data locked away in documents. The resulting efficiencies allow internal and external stakeholders to realise value quickly, an important advantage when facing economic headwinds.

Does your team bemoan the inefficiencies of processes, between emails, paper, and spreadsheets? Do you have a clear understanding of how delays in onboarding new businesses can delay revenue? Are these delays causing your clients to look elsewhere?

Register now for this ABBYY webinar to learn how digital intelligence can enable financial institutions to reduce friction and simplify processes to serve customers in an easy and intuitive way, while creating opportunities for growth.

Presented by

Cheryl Chiodi ,

Solutions Marketing Manager, Financial Services

Cheryl Chiodi leads financial services marketing at ABBYY, where she works closely with financial institutions to overcome their content and process challenges to improve operational efficiency and achieve customer excellence. Cheryl is an experienced author and speaker on financial services industry trends and frequently delivers keynotes at the Wall Street Technology Association and The Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

Stephen Walker,

Lead Analyst, Financial Services

Steve is a Lead Analyst within Global Data's Financial Services Practice responsible for Fintech and Thematic content. His research covers all areas of digital transformation strategy from both a customer and technology perspective, with a particular focus on disruptive new business models. Prior to GD, Steve spent time at Forrester and within Strategy roles at Lloyds bank.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn to reduce friction and simplify processes to serve customers in easy, intuitive ways
  • Discover the importance of personalised customer experiences in a virtual environment
  • Explore how digital workers can free up knowledge workers for value-add activities
  • Understand the power of mobile to amplify brand presence, deepen customer relationships, and increase revenue


  • Board Level Management
  • Compliance/Regulation
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Senior Management