Analyzing the Root Cause of Failures Improves Machine Uptime

Sponsored by: Moog

Focused on:

  • Motion Control Systems
  • Reducing Downtime
  • Failure Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial Services

Date: 16 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Case studies on gathering and examining product failure data to improve your motion control system

When there is a failure in your motion control system, the result is downtime and lost production. In some industries like oil exploration, flight simulation, and power generation, the cost of nonproductive time is so high that companies are leading a trend to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to find the root cause of failure to improve the overall system design and reliability.

This webinar will focus on case studies where indicators like contaminated oil, worn actuator shafts or scarring of a cylinder shaft were hiding the root cause of failure. Like a detective, engineers at Moog used failure analysis to uncover what was not working but more importantly used the data to provide a strategy for improving a system’s design and reliability.

As a leading provider of motion control products, solutions, and services, Moog has worked with machine builders in some of the world’s most demanding markets. Technologies such as extended life coatings and seals have emerged due to data obtained in the field and also failure analysis in the lab. From material analysis to chemical compatibility to wear patterns these are all clues to help you find the underlying root cause.

The close collaboration has enabled Moog to continuously improve reliability so its products are legendary for long service life. Moog's in-house capabilities can be used to analyze, perform a quality repair and, if needed, redesign the product to enhance reliability. Register today to learn about the behind-the-scenes processes that ensure motion control systems can be continuously improved for the life of the product.

Presented by

Scott Scheffler,

Product Marketing Manager

R. Scott Scheffler, Product Marketing Manager at Moog, has over 15 years of experience in engineering, systems integration and sales in the motion control industry including providing electric and hydraulic motion control solutions for applications in the O&G industry and industrial machinery. He has a B.S. degree in electrical engineering and a master’s in business administration.

Dave Geiger,

Engineering Manager

Dave Geiger is a Systems Engineering Manager, Moog Industrial Group. He sits on the Technology Roadmap Team for the NFPA. His experience includes the design of motion control systems for plastics, metal forming, power generation, oil and gas exploration and automation machinery. He holds six patents with an additional two pending.

Jim Czora,

Chemical, Surface, Electrical Failure Analysis Manager

Jim has over 25 years of experience including managing DPA and Surface Analysis Group in an Independent Research Laboratory, a high volume automotive electronics manufacturing materials analysis lab and Materials and Processes Labs at Moog. His undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering and graduate degree in Materials Science.

Richard Kim,

Engineering Manager, Oil & Gas

Richard holds an MSME and MBA. He has designed electromechanical actuators for challenging applications including Oil and Gas Downhole Tools and Surface Equipment, Flight Simulation, and designed the actuators that move Wimbledon's retractable roof over Centre Court. With 16 years at Moog Richard has developed systems for high temperature, high pressure, high shock & vibe, and explosive environments.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about failure analysis and how it can improve your operations and maintenance activities by reducing downtime
  • Use case studies to show how failure analysis works as a collaborative process between functional groups and organizations
  • Discuss ways motion systems can be improved through failure analysis data for higher reliability
  • How to transform maintenance from reactive to proactive


  • Maintenace Manager
  • Operations and Maintenance Managers
  • Design Engineers
  • Machine Technicians
  • Test Lab Managers
  • Plant Managers