Connected Services: New Revenue Opportunities for Equipment Vendors and Remote Service Providers

Sponsored by: OSIsoft

Focused on:

  • Real Time
  • Data
  • Operations
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  • Service

Date: 23 September


Time: 10AM London/11AM Berlin

Securely using your customers real-time operational data to deliver new value added services

Many process industries face the challenge of losing valuable expertise as people retire, with a recent study showing that 35% of experienced staff were due to leave their organisation within the next five years. Most companies plan to hire new employees to address the issue but these new personnel often require years to gain the same level of skills, expertise and experience.

Increasingly companies are looking to engage specialist, external expertise to support them. The same study found that equipment and asset owning companies are now actively looking for service providers to assist them with value added tasks such as asset performance optimisation and operations & maintenance leaving them to focus on core activities. This trend is opening up new opportunities for equipment manufacturers, vendors and service providers to use their expertise to deliver new value added services for their customers.

Leading equipment manufacturers appreciate that competing on just feature and function alone is no longer enough and that the key to remaining successful is to meet their customer's growing expectations for new levels of service, performance and associated value added offerings. This represents a real opportunity for equipment vendors and offers the potential, if designed correctly, to also deliver improvements to current services delivery models, reducing costs and creating new incremental revenue streams. The potential insight and value these new services can also provide for R&D, Product Design and other departments within equipment manufacturing organisations is also significant.

This webinar will review the current trends in providing new value added services to the owners and operators of equipment and assets using secure, remote connectivity and real-time operational process data. The value these offerings bring to equipment manufacturers and service providers and how they help them to differentiate in an increasingly competitive marketplace will also be examined. Real-world examples of Connected Services that are already in production and being delivered to customers by leading equipment manufacturers and service vendors will also be shared.

Please join this webcast to learn how your organisation could also benefit from Connected Services allowing real-time operational data to be securely shared between you and your customers, so you can deliver new services that will differentiate you from your competitors and increase the value you deliver to your customers.

Presented by

Petr Niedoba,

Connected Services Principal, OSIsoft EMEA

Petr Niedoba is the leader of the Connected Services business for OSIsoft in EMEA. Petr has over 18 years experience in the operations and productivity improvements solutions industry. Prior to OSIsoft Petr was at Honeywell Process Solutions as the Advanced Solutions Consulting Manager for EMEA, providing consultancy for numerous processing industry organisation to help them improve their operations and maintenance processes and procedures.!

About OSIsoft

For more than 35 years, OSIsoft has been a global leader and pioneer in the field of real time operational data management and operational intelligence and we believe that people with data can transform their world. OSIsoft empowers companies in a range of industries to leverage streaming data to optimize and enrich their businesses.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the changing market and increasing demand for remote monitoring services
  • Understand the benefits that Connected Services can bring to equipment manufacturers and service providers
  • Learn about the technology infrastructure required to support Connected Services
  • See examples of other organisations that are already delivering and benefiting from Connected Services


  • After Sales Service Manager
  • Rotating Equipment Service Manager
  • Service Sales Manager
  • Service Operations Manager
  • Head of Condition Based Maintenance
  • Head of Predictive Maintenance
  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Sales Manager/Director
  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager