Electric Motor Supply and Maintenance for Global Nuclear Markets

Sponsored by: Schulz Electric

Focused on:

  • Electric Motor Supply
  • Nuclear Markets

Date: 31 March


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Nuclear Products and Services for a New Decade of Nuclear Power

Maintenance Engineers in nuclear power plants are tasked continuously with keeping aging equipment running with limited resources. Figuring out how to manage plant life extensions (PLEX) has become even more challenging for engineers with several OEMs exiting the business, making it challenging to find assistance for plant long-term operations (LTO).

Our webinar focuses on how Schulz Electric can help fill the gap left by OEMs with equivalent motors and a full range of products and services that can solve equipment obsolescence and meet nuclear power plants’ stringent quality standards with affordable alternatives.

James Dean, a Nuclear Power Projects expert with over 40 years of experience assisting nuclear power plants, will discuss all the following topics during our webinar:

• Schulz Electric background and experience
• Facility specifications
• Nuclear quality program
• Facility test capabilities
• Motor decontamination services
• EQ (environmentally qualified) and safety-related
pump and fan motors
• Nuclear MOV (motor-operated valve) motors
• Motor Rewinds
• Motor Repair Services
• Obsolescence Solutions
• Environmentally Qualified Insulation Systems
­ - Form wound medium voltage
­ - Random wound continuous duty
­ - Random wound low-voltage continuous duty
­ - Random wound low-voltage intermittent duty
• New EQ and Safety-Related Motors

Don’t forget to register for our webinar on March 31, 2021, at 2 PM London/3 PM CET time to learn how to reduce your downtime costs and increase the lifecycle of your critical nuclear equipment. And if you need further information about Schulz Electric’s nuclear motor products and services, feel free to contact either of the following experts:

Jean Daniel Lingenheld
Email: j.lingenheld@philagear.com
Phone: +33 6 20 14 08 02.

James Dean
Email: jamesdean@aesnuclear.com

Presented by

James Dean,

Nuclear Projects

Mr. Dean has more than 40 years of experience in the commercial Nuclear Power industry encompassing plant design, construction, start-up, maintenance, engineering, equipment qualification, dedication, and program development. He has served in technical, managerial, and consulting capacities and has successfully managed multi-million dollar projects. He has participated in and led the development of numerous IEEE standards and EPRI guidelines. Mr. Dean was a member, contributor, and principal investigator for many EPRI procurement and technical guidelines, including Principal Investigator of EPRI TR-107372, “Guidelines for Reverse Engineering at Nuclear Power Plants.” Mr. Dean is the current Chairman and past Vice-Chairman of IEEE-334, “IEEE Standard for Qualifying Continous Duty Class 1E Motors for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.” Mr. Dean is also the current Chairman of IEEE-649, “IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Motor Control Centers for Nuclear Power Generating Stations,” and has served on several other IEEE SC-2 subcommittees. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and has been involved in equipment qualification and commercial dedication for the last 25 years.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Alternatives to existing OEM options
  • Breadth of Schulz Electric’s Offering
  • Outage Support, Outage Planning, and Emergency Turnaround
  • O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Cost Reductions


  • Motor Component Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Modification Design Engineers
  • EQ Engineers
  • Supply Chain
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Procurement Engineers