Mining and the energy transition - what is the cost of not adapting purposefully today

Sponsored by: VECKTA

Focused on:

  • Energy
  • Mining

Date: 14 July

Days to go: 23

Time: 10AM Perth/4PM London

Identify and seamlessly deploy energy assets with the greatest return on investment for your mine

The energy and digital transition touches almost every industry and mining is no exception. Energy for mines accounts for between 15-40% of total mining operating costs. A number of miners have come to market with zero carbon mandates, add energy resilience challenges, rising energy costs, social pressures and logistics associated with utilizing diesel, an increasing regulator driver and shareholder expectations, there is a clear move toward a different energy mix for mining now and into the future.

An added complexity specific to our industry is it is extremely difficult to predict the life span of a mine. As a result, whilst the macro factors are driving miners toward renewable solutions it is a harsh reality that many may have only short-term gain with limited longer term ROI. How do you best consider your optimal energy solution for the life and development of your mine?

This workshop will introduce a new platform technology that is cutting through the traditional way of energy project delivery. We will show you how unique algorithms can now analyse 300,000 plus combinations of energy solutions for your project in hours not months of engineering consulting, to define the optimal solution for your business needs. How you can push your solution to the market to any number of suppliers for seamless procurement and contracting as well as Energy as a Service (EaaS) at the click of a button linking your project to some of the largest funders in the world.

Imagine a world where your concept study takes days not months, where you take advantage of the energy transitions to create a more profitable and sustainable business now and for the life of your mine. Where you can focus on what you do best, mining, with the confidence that you have access to secure, cost effective, reliable and socially responsible energy. Leverage this integrated, user friendly and solution agnostic platform to empower your energy transition.

All webinar attendees will be granted access to the VECKTA platform to run a pro bona analysis of their asset.

Presented by

Gareth Evans,

CEO and Co-Founder

Gareth is the leader of VECKTA, strategically and passionately guiding VECKTA to success. He believes that it is a privilege to lead, collaborate and work with talented and motivated people. Gareth is committed to constantly evolving VECKTA as the world’s leading Energy Transition platform, in harmony with our vision, mission and values, all while having fun along the way! Gareth is an international business leader having worked around the world, including Western Australia - bringing local admiration and market understanding for the mining industry in APAC. Prior to VECKTA, Gareth lead Worley’s Global Distributed Energy Systems strategy and Power Networks & Systems team, helping the company and its clients successfully navigate energy transition.
He is a dad, husband and friend who seeks out adventure at every turn. Gareth has competed in the Rottnest Swim, Cape to Cape and most recently he completed Brek Epic, a 6 day race, with his wife – check out the grueling accounts in his LinkedIn Articles.

Tristan Jackson,

CSO and Co-Founder

Tristan is the VECKTA Trailblazer, charting new frontiers in the Energy Transition, Microgrid and Distributed Energy System landscape. He explores market opportunities and establishes proven pathways to cost savings, carbon reduction, and improved energy reliability and resilience for you, our global community, partners, and clients. Tristan lives in the field alongside energy system end users, equipment suppliers, and development partners, co-defining the energy systems and business models of the future. As CSO of VECKTA, Tristan combines his deep experience in team building, communication, and problem solving, with technical expertise, tenacity, and excitement for breaking new ground and producing extraordinary results. Tristan has worked intimately with the mining industry around the world to deploy optimal energy solutions for their specific business needs.
He is a husband, outdoor and international explorer, lifelong leader and believer in a thriving, sustainable future for all.

Ryan Smyth,

Mining Sector Lead

Ryan is the connector between the VECKTA technology and the reality of improving the lives of miners faced with a new paradigm around renewable energy, ESG and de-carbonisation. He deeply understands the mining industry, from both an operator and capital markets perspective.

He is passionate about technology and the role it has in ensuring Australia’s future as an ongoing globally competitive miner.

He is a Husband, Dad, passionate tech advocate and rugby fan.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the risks and opportunities associated with your current mine site energy mix
  • Understand how EaaS has a role to play at an asset level
  • See the VECKTA platform produce insights live
  • Understand how to track when your project will meet your hurdle rate and how it can then be deployed


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  • COO
  • CFO
  • CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)
  • Head of Energy
  • Director of Energy
  • Energy Manager
  • Manager of Energy
  • New Projects Director