Optimize Efficiency, Improve Productivity and Reliability while Reducing Maintenance... Yes, it CAN Be Done!

Sponsored by: Bently Nevada

Focused on:

  • Plant Equipment
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Wide App

Date: 21 May


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

A discussion on the Bently Nevada Plantwide Solution

Maintenance professionals hold tremendous responsibility. As the safeguards of plant equipment, they’re caring for massive investments, preventing costly downtime, avoiding potentially catastrophic environmental hazards, and protecting the health and lives of countless individuals who work within plant walls. Additionally, plant maintenance experts are approaching retirement and the next generations are not being trained to take their place. As machine complexity increases and expertise levels decline, the risks associated with continuing to utilize incomplete maintenance strategies becomes overwhelming:

• Machine failure and unexpected downtime (Downtime costs $22,000 per minute on average and unplanned maintenance costs 2-5 times more than planned maintenance)
• Decreased ROI
• Creeping Costs
• Inefficient spare parts management
• Human safety
• Environmental hazards

Imagine a world where a reliability manager can monitor the health of nearly all plant machinery and make intelligent maintenance decisions based on real-time data. This scenario is today’s reality. The next evolution in predictive maintenance strategy will be a transition to nimble and accurate real-time condition monitoring of an entire industrial facility.

Bently Nevada

Today, a single enterprise solution is available to monitor the health of our critical and supporting machinery alike. The “eagle-eye view” data collected from a plant-wide condition monitoring system empowers plant reliability managers to make informed proactive decisions about individual machine maintenance, provides a holistic view of the health of their interconnected factory equipment, and helps to better predict potential downtime. It can also improve overall plant ROI and decrease risk associated with reactive, outdated and spotty maintenance techniques.

Making the transition from critical-only condition monitoring to a plant-wide approach has the potential to elevate a plant to best-in-class status. A fully integrated and modern plant increases the level of sophistication, productivity, and reliability for the entire industrial maintenance field. Register today to learn how you can make a case for Plantwide Condition Monitoring and lower your costs, mitigate risk, and help increase your ROI.

Presented by

Darren Evans,

Global Sales Manager

Darren has been with Bently Nevada for over 20 years, holding previous roles in Manufacturing, Engineering, Project Management, Project Engineering, Packaged Systems, Direct Sales and now Global Sales with hardware focus. Darren has experience with early customer engagement around discovery and development of our plant-wide solutions globally.

Robert S. (Bob) Craft,

Bently Nevada, Senior Product Manager - Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Bob is responsible for the overall lifecycle management of the Bently Nevada permanently installed wired condition monitoring and evaluation instrument portfolio. His first 20 years in the technology-based machinery condition monitoring and evaluation industry were as a Customer and end user. The more recent 20 have been as a field application engineer helping Customers achieve their reliability improvement objectives through the use of vibration monitoring technology. Having worked on machinery ranging from nuclear and fossil fueled to wind power generation, through cruise ship podded propulsion systems and locomotives, to paper machines to name just a few, he brings solid Customer focus to the product management role.
Bob is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Nigel Leigh,

Bently Nevada, Product Line Manager

Nigel joined Bently Nevada as part of the Commtest acquisition and now has 20 years’ experience in the vibration analysis and condition monitoring space. He has been primarily focused on the technology side of the business until a recent change to this Product Management commercial role.

Nigel is a graduate of Auckland University in New Zealand with a Master of Science degree in Physics.

Previous work experience includes over 5 years working on offshore oil exploration rigs as a Schlumberger wireline field engineer.

Chris McMillen,

Bently Nevada, Senior Product Manager – Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Chris is responsible for the overall lifecycle management of the entire Bently Nevada sensor portfolio spanning both wired and wireless solutions. His 20 years with the business have included roles within engineering, project management and leadership, and business acquisitions.

Chris is a graduate of Washington State University in Pullman, WA with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Lower Cost
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Increase ROI
  • How to Begin Your Journey to a Plantwide Solution


  • Maintenance and Reliability Managers
  • Vibration Analysis Consultants
  • Plant Managers
  • Refining – Technical Management