Revitalization of the Waukesha VHP fleet

Sponsored by: INNIO Waukesha Engines

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  • Gas Engines

Date: 9 July


Time: 5PM London/12PM New York

Upgrade your Waukesha engine to enable more power, improved reliability and lower operating expenses

The Waukesha VHP product line has served the world’s gas compression fleet for over 50 years. Over that period, there have been many configurations. Despite the many changes and updates, the core platform has maintained a flexibility that allows it to be overhauled and upgraded to the current performance of the today’s modern Series 4 and 5 configurations.

Several different offerings are available to upgrade your legacy VHP engine. The packages we discuss will provide the most benefit to your operations depending on where you are within the engine lifecycle.

• At Top-End Overhaul, upgrade to Series Four or xCooled heads and pistons to extend lifecycle intervals, improve reliability, and reduce oil consumption
• At Major Overhaul, convert to the Series Four Engine to increase engine horsepower and update to the latest ESM2 controls
• At Major Overhaul, convert to the Series Five Engine to increase engine horsepower, reduce fuel consumption, reduce cylinder combustion temperatures, and update to the latest ESM2 controls

These upgrades not only reduce your operating costs by utilizing newer technology, but also increase the value of your engine by mirroring the specification of new VHP engines today to make your VHP engine more desirable for future resale or fleet unit relocation.

Upgraded engines have been proven in the field, with several hundred conversions already completed by known gas compression service providers

If you have a VHP in your gas compression fleet, we suggest you don’t miss this opportunity to know what upgrades and configuration changes are available. You’ll leave with an understanding of what can be planned at your next overhaul or extended maintenance period. You’ll also have access to the factory personnel shaping the future of the platform. Please register now! The Waukesha team looks forward to interacting with you on the webinar.

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Presented by

Jason Padilla ,

Service Product Leader, INNIO Waukesha gas engines

Jason Padilla is the Service Product Leader for the Waukesha and Jenbacher CM&U product lines at INNIO. As a leading provider of power equipment and services, INNIO is focused on power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. INNIO´s product portfolio includes highly efficient, industrial reciprocating engines that generate 200 kW to 10 MW of power for numerous industries globally. The business is headquartered in Jenbach, Austria.

Jason leads the service product line team which develops new products focused on improving the reliability and performance of over 30,000 operating units in INNIO´s installed base. His team is responsible for the multi-generational product plan which is the long term product strategy ensuring Waukesha and Jenbacher operating units continue to deliver industry leading value for operators of its engines and gensets. The service product team also works closely with sales and marketing to help gas compression and power generation operators understand the differentiated value proposition of INNIO´s products.

Jason joined GE Energy (now INNIO)´s strategic marketing group in 2008, where he conducted business strategy benchmarking for the oil & gas and power generation segments. He later became the 275GL+ product leader where he launched the 3,750 and 5,000 horsepower gas compression and power generation products.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He later received a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Nick Klosinski,

Services Product Manager

Nick Klosinski is a Services Product Manager at Innio – focusing on VHP Waukesha gas engines. Nick has held various roles over the past 13 years with the Waukesha business including new product engineering and application & sales engineering. Nick has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Marquette University.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to extend lifecycle intervals, improve reliability, and reduce oil consumption of your Waukesha VHP engine.
  • Learn how to reduce the operating costs of your VHP engine.


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  • Facilities Gas Engineer
  • Land Manager
  • Oil & Gas Inspector
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