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Sponsored by: Robbins

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Date: 9 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Compact Tunnelling Machines to Minimize Environmental Impact on Small Hydro Projects

When you’re faced with a hard rock tunnel on your next small hydro project, which tunnelling method works best? Intake tunnels can be at diameters as small as 2 meters and at steep grades of up to 45 degrees. Compared with the conventionally used method of Drill & Blast, small diameter tunnelling machines offer increased production rates and reduction in cross section, among other benefits. The uniquely designed machines are engineered to take on steep gradients, and can bore tunnels kilometers long with minimal impacts to the surrounding environment.

In this complimentary, 60-minute webinar we’ll discuss the use of small diameter tunnelling machines on projects throughout Norway, where their popularity is increasing, as well as the method’s suitability on projects worldwide. Listen in on our conversation with Robbins Norway General Manager and Civil Engineer Sindre Log as we discuss recommendations for small hydro tunnels in hard rock. You’ll learn valuable information on comparing and contrasting various tunnelling methods, as well as case studies with real-world results to inform your future decisions. Join us for a live Q&A session at the end to get a thorough answer from our expert speaker.

This unique webinar, in conjunction with International Water Power & Dam Construction, is complimentary for a limited number of registrants. Register now to secure your spot in this highly anticipated event.

Presented by

Sindre Log,

Civil Engineer and General Manager, Robbins Norway

Sindre Log has a MSc. from the University of Trondheim (NTNU) in civil engineering, with specialization in geology, project management and tunnelling. In addition to his civil engineering role, he is the general manager of the Norwegian subsidiary of Robbins. He also manages Robbins’ cutter department focusing on geology, cutters, optimization of TBM operational parameters and R&D on projects worldwide, including projects in Malaysia, India, China and Norway.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Listen in to find out the latest trends in small hydro tunnelling projects.
  • Learn how to compare and contrast various tunnelling methods for small hydro.
  • Find out about successful projects and real-world results in a variety of conditions.
  • Get your questions answered and expert advice tailored to your next project.


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