How to improve food products by a new generation of dehydrates

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Date: 3 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Properties and applications of innovative potato and pea flakes

Producing a successful product depends on the right choice of raw materials. For the manufacturer, it is a fine balance between the consumers’ needs, likes, tastes and interests.

As a leading manufacturer of potato flakes and granules, Emsland Group is stepping up its research and development activities more and more in this field. Our latest innovation in the field of dried food products, so-called dehydrates, are special potato flakes. They are produced by a newly-developed physical production process without the use of additives. The products are low in unwanted by-products such as sugar, asparagine and glykoalkaloids.

Alongside the production of potato-based “health and clean label products”, the developed process has already been used successfully for the production of dehydrated peas. So, for the first time, low-sugar and low-fat pea flakes which are rich in dietary fiber and have great potential for a range of other interesting uses, are also available to our customers.

Dr. Karl Ludwig Woll will discuss amongst others initial application and production tests in the snack industry, that have confirmed the possibility to control the expansion behavior and the sugar and asparagine content in extruded food products using Emsland Groups’ potato-based product solutions. This enables the production of largely acrylamide-reduced and thus healthier foodstuffs.

Presented by

Dr. Karl Ludwig Woll,

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Woll graduated with a degree in chemistry and gained a doctorate in molecular inorganic chemistry at the Saarland University in 1993.
Several years he worked for the chemical industry in R&D and application technology of products for the paper and non-woven industry. At a paper manufacturing company he held the position of a product development manager.

He joined Emsland Group in 1998 as head of paper application department. After 13 years of experience on starch chemistry and technical starch applications his field of activity is now focused on the food sector.
In his present position as Senior Project Manager Dr. Woll is dealing with corporate innovation projects and is in charge of the Embalance® Project.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Embalance® can be used as a clean label binding and texturing agent for instance in meat, snack, bakery or potato products
  • Embalance® is a highly purified product low in sugar, asparagine and glykoalkaloids
  • Embalance® is available e.g. with increased dietary fiber content, low bulk density and low protein content
  • In addition to the food industry, the segment of premium pet food is also a very interesting market


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