Laser Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Sponsored by: Coherent Inc.

Focused on:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing

Date: 8 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

When precision matters most

The Medical Device industry was an early adopter of lasers, and today there are more tools than ever in the toolbox, to advance existing processes and offer expanded capabilities such as fine cutting, welding, and marking. Laser-based technology offers precise processing that enables design freedom in terms of materials, miniaturization, and shape, while providing manufacturing reliability.

The webinar introduces some of these new technologies for welding, tube cutting and permanent marking processes, along with important process insights.

In the Medical Device Industry we need very specialized processes in combination with many product variants and need for flexibility. So in addition to the fundamental laser processes, the webinar also discusses machines that match these specific production methods and offer optimum performance/cost solutions.

This webinar provides updates on the latest processes and machine capabilities that will benefit anyone already using laser processing in the medical device industry. It will also provide an excellent introduction to newcomers, by illustrating the breadth of laser capabilities as well as state-of-the-art process examples. Register now to reserve your spot!

Presented by

Wolfgang Illich,

Product Line Manager

Wolfgang Illich was educated as a physicist followed by an early specialization in laser engineering. Beginning with medical laser applications for urology and tumor treatment, he moved into industrial product management with a strong focus on medical device manufacturing. He has been responsible for desktop marking and welding systems at Coherent for 18 years. He pioneered the unique concept of manual and semi-automated welding, specifically to match the market needs of the medical device industry, drawing on his long experience in this area.

Roland Wölzlein,

Product Line Manager

Roland Wölzlein is Product Line Manager for the StarCut Tube laser machines. He joined Coherent in 2011 as an application engineer, based in Starnberg, Germany. Subsequently he has held various positions in technical sales and product management at the company. Roland Wölzlein holds a diploma degree in mechatronics engineering from the University of Erlangen, Germany.

Thorsten Ferbach,

Thorsten Ferbach is responsible for business development within the laser systems division of Coherent. In addition, he is a Product Line Manager for laser marking systems. In these roles, he works closely with both the company’s R&D department and the applications support lab to develop cutting-edge solutions and processes.
Thorsten Ferbach studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, Germany. Since 1999 he has held a variety of product management and business development positions at companies active in the field of laser material processing, especially laser marking. He joined Coherent in 2007.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how diverse laser processing methods meet the growing demand for increased precision, throughput, and economy in a wide range of medical device fabrication tasks.
  • Learn up-to-date information on how today’s medical device fabrication processes are implemented by integrated multi-axis laser-based machines: welding, cutting, drilling, marking incl. corrosion-resistant marking.
  • Learn how these machines are configured with different levels of automation, to cost-effectively support a range of different manufacturing workflows and volumes.
  • Learn about specific examples of laser processing: hypotubes, endoscopes, implants, instruments, etc..


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