Differentiated polypeptide dosing for patient adherence

Sponsored by: Novozymes Biopharma

Focused on:

  • P K Improvements
  • Peptide And Protein Drugs
  • Half Life Extension

Date: 7 October


Time: 11AM California/ 2PM New York/ 7PM London

Further improvements in albumin science and engineering to improve peptide and protein drug design

Developers of many peptide and protein drugs frequently face PK challenges that can limit the effectiveness of their molecules due to glomerular clearance from the circulatory system. Resolution of these issues can require frequent and/or high dosing levels to allow the successful development of a well–differentiated drug candidate that can facilitate good medication regimen adherence.

The key to delivering superior PK improvements is not only by increasing hydrodynamic radius, but, crucially, by employing engineered albumins to access a receptor-mediated recycling mechanism that provides additional half-life extension functionality.

During this webinar you will gain a scientific understanding of how harnessing the power of the albumin-receptor interaction by the use of engineered albumins can overcome the challenge of peptide and protein drug clearance.

You will also learn how this can enable drug developers a faster path to market with a differentiated drug designed for patient adherence. Recent developments will be described including primate PK data generated with albumin-API constructs and preclinical assessment tools including a novel humanized double transgenic mouse model, as well as some customer experiences.

Presented by

Dr Darrell Sleep,

Director, Biopharma R&D

Dr Sleep leads a research team engaged in the continuous improvement of efficient yeast systems for the manufacture of recombinant native and bioengineered peptides and proteins. Amongst others, Dr Sleep's team has developed processes for the production of recombinant human albumin, albumin fusions and bioengineered albumins. Current research is aimed at improving the stability and extending the circulatory half-life of peptides and proteins through formulation, conjugation and genetic fusion to albumin.

Dr Jo Hay,

Customer Solution Science Manager

Joanna Hay joined Novozymes Biopharma UK in 2006 as a Scientist working with the R&D team on the development and optimization of albumin for half-life extension. Currently Joanna is working as a Customer Solution Science Manager, working with drug developers wanting to evaluate the potential of the Veltis ® Technology in their drug development programs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate how engineered albumins can offer the potential to achieve polypeptide dosing of up to once monthly
  • Find out how to overcome PK challenges for polypeptide drugs
  • Understand the science behind the albumin-receptor interaction and how this can improve drug PK
  • Hear how our support capabilities can facilitate faster drug design and process development


  • Heads of R&D
  • Heads of Drug Delivery
  • Team Leader - R&D
  • Senior Scientist - R&D
  • Consulting Scientist - R&D
  • R&D Director
  • R&D VP