Facilitating R&D Collaborations through the Cloud

Sponsored by: Intralinks

Focused on:

  • Technology
  • Streamline
  • Communication

Date: 5 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Working Across the Enterprise Boundary

Over the past few years, life sciences companies have been shedding core competencies and relying more on strategic outsourcing to streamline and augment their development efforts and go-to-market strategies. As a consequence, it has become essential for critical information to leave the firewall to be shared between all partners in a timely, traceable and efficient way.

Innovative life sciences companies are more and more turning toward cloud technology platforms to facilitate their collaborative partnerships and ensure higher levels of compliance, while speeding time to market. In this talk, we will examine some common challenges life sciences companies face attempting to streamline communication with external partners, as well as the benefits and risks of moving to the cloud.

Join our featured speaker, Sri Chilukuri, VP Product Marketing, Intralinks in this live webinar and learn how to cover all collaboration needs with the one single platform from Intralinks.

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Presented by

Sri Chilukuri,

VP Product Marketing, Intralinks

Sri is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and software executive. Sri is currently Vice President of Product Marketing at Intralinks, the leading beyond the firewall collaboration solutions provider for the life science industry. Before this he spent several years advising innovative technology start-ups such as Immunetech. Sri co-founded and served as President & CEO of Content Circles which provides a cloud-based solution for secure cross-company file sharing.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Accelerating productivity of partner relationships via cloud based platforms
  • Protecting IP and maintaining compliance in the cloud
  • Security & Governance of cloud-based solutions
  • Considerations for selecting cloud based collaboration technologies


  • SVP/VP/Director of IT (Information technology) / IT Services
  • VP/Director of Information Security
  • VP/Director of Product Development
  • Compliance Offer
  • VP/Director of Enterprise Solutions Architect
  • VP/Director of Operations Risk
  • VP / Director of IT Security
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Director
  • Internal Audit