Flow Chemistry for Accelerated Drug Substance Delivery

Sponsored by: Arcinova / Quotient Sciences

Focused on:

  • Drug Development
  • Flow Chemistry

Date: 30 June


Time: 10AM London/11AM Paris

There is no doubt that drug development is a lengthy, costly and uncertain process, riddled with complexities and hurdles. In recent times, the need for accelerated drug development is greater, with added pressure on CDMOs to deliver the goods in a timely, efficient, and agile manner. In this industry, time is not just money, it can impact the entire program. A program which has been through years and years of careful consideration, strategic discussion and pinpoint planning, working with scientific experts to create and develop what is thought to be a medical necessity in order to improve peoples lives. All that being said, it is evident that keeping drug development on track is key, but what if you could accelerate drug development, cutting costs and time. Would you be interested?

This webinar discusses drug substance manufacturing in early development and the very concept of being fast, agile and innovative. Paul will take you through the journey of flow chemistry, discussing in depth the benefits of adopting continuous manufacturing over traditional batch manufacturing. As every molecule and development program is different, there is no single manufacturing solution and continuous flow manufacturing is not a panacea, however there are a number of key drivers for choosing to include flow chemistry, some of which are an increased yield and purity, over a shorter period of time which ultimately results in an overall cost saving.

If you are looking to learn more about flow chemistry and how it works, or how this could aid your drug development program, this webinar will help the decision making process by providing you with the necessary facts to make an informed decision.

Presented by

Paul Quigley,

Head Of Drug Substance and Isotope Labelling

Dr Paul Quigley was head of Technology Transfer for Johnson Matthey Ltd. and was previously head of New Product Introduction and Head of Technical Services for Shasun.

Paul has over 20 years experience in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries in a variety of senior management roles, covering Technical Management of UK Sites, and Senior Project and Operational roles within a number of international organizations including ICI, Schering Plough, Clariant, Johnson Matthey and Rhodia.

Paul graduated with a PhD in Natural Product Chemistry from University College Dublin in 1988 and with an MBA from Warwick Business School in 2000. He has co-authored a number of papers in the areas of Biocatalysis, Organic Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry, and has generated several Patents in this area. Paul is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Association of MBAs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how flow chemistry could significantly reduce drug delivery timelines with case studies
  • Understand the key benefits of flow chemistry with worked examples
  • Develop an understanding of when to apply flow chemistry and considerations for scaleup
  • Appreciate the key trends in the regulatory space and in future technical developments


  • Heads of Pharmaceutical Development
  • Heads of Formulation Development
  • Formulation Scientist
  • Manufacturing Scientist
  • CMC Scientist
  • Heads of Clinical Manufacturing
  • Heads of R&D
  • Heads of Outsourcing
  • Chief Scientific Officer