Navigating Sourcing for Clinical Trials in China

Sponsored by: Inceptua Group

Focused on:

  • Clinical Trials
  • China
  • Pharma
  • Procurement

Date: 29 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How choosing the right partner can save millions, ensure quality, and prevent headaches

China is a large market with undeniable potential for pharma and biotech companies conducting trials and research. However, determining an efficient way to service your clinical trials can be challenging.

- Have the regulatory requirements cost you time and money on your clinical trial plan?
- Have time, language, and cultural differences affected the efficiency of your project?
- Do you have concerns about quality and transparency when investing into a trial in China?
- Are you confused about where to start sourcing in China?

Neither the increasing number of clinical trials being conducted, nor the growth in total investment in the pharma biotech industry in China are not projected to slow down. Having expert local guidance is key to making sure your budget is kept and your timelines are met.

The challenges of operating in China can be substantial: the monetary drain on setting up operations; the reluctance of local Chinese manufacturers to release products for clinical trials; the hurdles of working with state-owned entities; the constantly changing domestic regulations on pharmaceutical products; the quality risks and concerns arising from supply chains; and the lack of transparency in transactions and supply chains. A partner who can help you gain a clear understanding of these issues will help keep your clinical trial on track and ensure treatment to patients is not disrupted.

To find out more about navigating these challenges, join our webinar and learn how choosing the right partner can have a positive impact on your Clinical Trial activity in China.

Presented by

Viktor Sandstedt,

Account Executive, Clinical Trial Services

Viktor Sandstedt is an Account Executive at Inceptua, where he coordinates and leads clinical trials supply sourcing projects for the Chinese market.

With over 8 years of experience in China, Viktor is an expert at bridging cultural gaps for western companies in China. During his time at Inceptua, Viktor has worked together with leading global pharmaceutical companies and with small/mid-size bio-techs. His main focus is securing reliable supplies to ensure patients well-being are not put at risk. Viktor is fluent in Swedish, English, and Mandarin.

Viktor is reachable for questions and consultation on China at viktor.sandstedt@inceptua.com

Miki Goetsch,

Director, Regional Expansion

Miki Goetsch is a Director at Inceptua Group, responsible for rapidly growing regions, such as Asia’s developing clinical trial market. Miki is also a board member for Inceptua’s Japan office in Kobe.

Miki has extensive experience working with Japanese, American, and European companies, particularly with consulting on how to benefit most efficiently from the opportunities of collaboration between East and West. During her time at Inceptua, Miki has been responsible for ensuring the success and setup of the Japan, China, and UK offices, as well as leading the Operations team in the Clinical Trial Services department. Her main focus is to strategically implement what is best for clients in terms of their needs from EU/US to Asia. Miki is fluent in Japanese and English.

Miki is reachable for questions and consultation on China and broader Asia expansion at miki.goetsch@inceptua.com

Key Learning Objectives

  • Market potential in China
  • Hurdles in China and how to overcome them
  • Navigating sourcing in China
  • Choosing the right partner for China


  • Procurement Responsible - Clinical Trials
  • Supply Chain Responsible - Clinical Trials
  • Sourcing Manager - Clinical Trials
  • Project Manager - Clinical Trials
  • Pharmaceutical Executive - Global Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trials Manager / Coordinator