Turning up the heat on protein stability characterization

Sponsored by: Malvern Instruments Ltd

Focused on:

  • Biopharma

Date: 21 February


Time: 6PM London

Fast, automated & reproducible analysis of biopharmaceutical stability for the regulated environment

Advancing biological molecules through the development pipeline is no simple or speedy process. The stability of biotherapeutic molecules and formulations is key to their progression, and must be assessed and reviewed throughout development, from candidate selection all the way through to batch-to-batch comparability or biosimilarity assessment….and beyond! What’s needed is simple, objective data that you can trust.

At Malvern, we have designed a stability characterization technology for the regulated environment that is not only easy-to-use, but also delivers artifact-free data with unrivalled detail and reproducibility, giving you absolute confidence in your decisions.

We are proud to unveil the new MicroCal PEAQ-DSC – the ultimate solution for every laboratory involved in the assessment of biomolecular stability and biocomparability – one technology to provide high-throughput, automated operation for all users.

Please join us on February 21st 2017, and be one of the first to see how the future of protein stability analysis has been transformed.

Presented by

Dr. Ronan O’Brien,

Head of Business Development – Malvern MicroCal

Ronan has a PhD in biophysical chemistry and spent many years working in the area of label-free interaction analysis, a discipline in which he has published widely, including contributions to a number of educational textbooks. He carried out his post-doctoral research with Professor Julian Sturtevant at Yale University and Professor John Ladbury at University College London, before joining MicroCal as an applications expert in 2001. Since then he has held a number of roles including Scientific Marketing Manager and Head of R&D before taking on his current position as Head of Business Development for the MicroCal product group at Malvern Instruments.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out about the new MicroCal PEAQ-DSC – a protein stability characterization tool designed for regulated biopharmaceutical development and manufacture.
  • Learn how the MicroCal PEAQ-DSC can help you simply and objectively assess biosimilarity and batch-to-batch comparability.
  • Understand how to simplify and streamline stability analysis, especially when dealing with large sample numbers.
  • Learn how to maximize the information produced by your stability measurements.


  • Head of Formulation Development
  • Head of Preformulation Development
  • Head of Process Development
  • Head of Manufacturing Support
  • Head of Biophysical Characterization
  • Head of Stability Analysis
  • Formulation Scientist
  • Stability Scientist
  • Head of Structural Biology
  • Head of Product Characterization
  • Head of Lead Discovery
  • Process Development Scientist
  • Senior Research Investigator
  • Research Scientist
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Principal Scientist
  • Protein Scientist
  • Biophysical Scientist
  • Analytical Scientist
  • Hit Validation Scientist
  • Biophysical Chemist