A flexible packaging film with PB-1 offering easy-open characteristics

Sponsored by: LyondellBasell

Focused on:

  • Recyclable
  • Packaging
  • Thermoplastic
  • Easy Open

Date: 27 June


Time: 9AM London/4PM Hong Kong

What features can PB-1 bring to your packaging problem?

Thermoplastic materials are increasingly used for diverse flexible packaging applications. Demographic trends, like for instance the increasing average age of people, smaller households, as well as the consumption of food ‘on-the go’ have propelled the need for high quality and convenient packaging solutions. A packaging that doesn’t open easily can be extremely frustrating and could even result in a rupture of the packaging or spillage of the contents. Today, packaging developers face the difficult task to combine convenience, contents protection and preservation as well as a high quality presentation in a single packaging.

LyondellBasell is one of the worlds’ largest thermoplastic raw material suppliers, offering a broad polyolefin materials portfolio for a large variety of packaging applications.
This webinar is about Polybutene-1 (PB-1), a thermoplastic material which has been in the market for decades and which is used to provide the much valued ‘easy-open’ feature for food packaging film, either for flexible packaging bags and pouches, retortable packaging, vacuum packaging or for rigid packaging lidding. Besides this easy-open characteristic, PB-1 allows to easily adjust the peel force to the functional needs of the packaging in a controllable way. Being a Polyolefin, PB-1 offers a fully recyclable packaging solution when used in combination with Polypropylene or Polyethylene packaging film or rigid packaging substrates.

If you are interested to obtain new insights for ‘easy-open’ packaging for your next flexible packaging development, then we do warmly welcome your participation and look forward to receiving your registration.

Presented by

Patrick van Beek,

Marketing Manager PB-1

Patrick finished his studies (BSc) in mechanical engineering and business economics / marketing at the universities of Breda and Tilburg, the Netherlands, followed by a broad 30 years of professional experience in the plastics industry.

From 1989 he worked for former GE Plastics (engineering thermoplastics) in different technical and business development functions. In 1999 he joined Helvoet BV in the Netherlands, a manufacturer of precision thermoplastic and rubber components, managing complex projects for large multinational customers.

In 2003 he joined LyondellBasell, being tasked with various commercial pan-European responsibilities for a large variety of application segments.
In April 2017 he accepted the role of PB-1 Marketing Manager, being responsible for strategy development and driving growth of the global PB-1 business in pipes, flexible packaging and other newly developed applications.

Gianluca Musacchi,

Senior Application Development & Technical Service Engineer PB-1 Specialties

Gianluca, based in Ferrara - Italy is an Industrial Engineer and is employed by LyondellBasell since 1988 (predecessor companies Himont, Montell and Basell). During his career he worked in different departments with different responsibilities. Gianluca's expertise is in processing of film (cast, blown and BOPP) as well as injection moulding (including Thin Wall Injection Moulding) but also blow moulding, pipe and sheet extrusion as well as extrusion coating. In his current role as PB-1 materials expert Gianluca is Project Leader and provides technical support for a large variety of PB-1 Specialty applications.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Get to know Polybutene-1 for ‘easy-open’ packaging solutions
  • Learn how to design your film structure when using PB-1 for your next flexible packaging
  • Obtain insights in tailoring the easy-open feature to your packaging needs
  • Learn the most important parameters to consider when developing an easy-open packaging film


  • C level Executive
  • Heads of Packaging
  • Heads of Innovation/R&D
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Heads of Purchasing
  • Product Line Managers
  • Brand Owners
  • Brand Manager
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Packaging Designers
  • Retail Experts