Capture savings by uncovering the REAL costs in packaging artwork management

Sponsored by: Esko

Focused on:

  • Packaging
  • Artwork
  • Design
  • Development

Date: 31 October


Time: 2PM London/10AM New York

Feel the need for speed!

Today’s battle for the consumer is on the retail shelf and your package’s “shelf shout” has to be better than ever. Packaging artwork is a key asset you can use to ensure that you get noticed. Managing artwork design and development requires a balance between the creative and technical sides of packaging. Creativity in packaging design can really set your product apart from the competition. But those technical details, the barcodes, marketing copy, logos and regulatory content, can really slow you down if they’re not managed well.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss 3 Crucial Keys to Speed that can help you become a Master of Packaging Artwork.

1. Manage packaging components effectively: Where’s the content? Is this the right version of the logo? Did everyone approve it? We’ll show how you can always have the right answer to these questions and more.

2. Unleash creativity by removing the grunt work: If your packaging designers are spending time adding and managing content, they can’t create great packaging. We’ll talk about the right way to manage content so your designers don’t have to (and they will thank you for it).

3. Increase speed-to-market AFTER design: Getting to a great artwork design that everyone can agree on is only the beginning. We’ll discuss how to quickly extend and adapt that “master” for different variations and markets using design templates.

Do YOU feel the need for speed? Join us and learn how you can get the most out of your packaging artwork!

Presented by

Joel Winer,

Solution Architect

Joel is a Solution Architect for Esko, and provides consulting to Ekso's prospects and customers which is related to the end to end artwork business processes. Joel's many years of industry knowledge gained in large global blue chip retailers enables him to provide best practice advice, which enables Esko to successfully implement artwork & digital asset management solutions for their global brand owner clients. Joel's most recent position prior to joining Esko, was as the Packaging Design Manger for a major UK high street retailer, where his role included managing the end to end artwork business process, packaging brand identity,enabling the design, artwork and creation of various packaging components for branded products.

Andrew Garnham,

Director of Brand Owner Business – EMEA

Andrew has years of experience successfully providing services and solutions that help global brands make, move and manage their digital graphic assets across their various supply chains. For a number of years Andrew successfully owned and ran his own business which was dedicated to providing artwork management / DAM solutions to leading global brands. Today, Andrew heads up Esko's successful Brand Owner business team in the EMEA region, and this team is focused on providing value added services and solutions to many global brands, included industry leading expertise related to brand activation.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to balance and manage both the creative and the technical demands of packaging artwork.
  • Learn how to efficiently manage your packaging components to reduce costs, delays and risk.
  • See what you can do to unleash the creativity of your packaging designers (and make them happy too).
  • Hear how you can increase your speed-to-market and still confidently make last minute changes.


  • Brand Manager
  • VP/Director of Packaging
  • VP/Director of Manufacturing
  • VP/Director of Procurement
  • Creative Director
  • VP/Director of Innovation
  • Sustainability Officer
  • VP/Director/Manager of Supply Chain
  • Heads of Packaging
  • Project/Traffic Managers for Packaging and any and all C-levels