Color Everywhere (and everywhere the same)

Sponsored by: Esko

Focused on:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Management

Date: 22 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

It’s all about appearances!

Your brand colors are a critical component of your brand’s equity but maintaining color consistency can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Brand Managers often struggle to communicate color specifications across the supply chain. If you can’t adequately specify and communicate your brand colors, how can you possibly validate compliance or track supplier performance?

In this webinar, we’ll outline the 3 Keys to effective Brand Color Management: Specification, Communication and Execution. For each phase, we’ll ask the all important “Why?” questions:

• Why isn’t there a better way to specify brand colors than printed color books?
• Why is it so hard to ensure that all my suppliers have and use my updated color specs?
• Why doesn’t the final package match my specifications?

Answers to these questions and more will help us uncover the typical problems that result in poor brand color reproduction in packaging. Once we know why and where things can go wrong, we’ll discuss strategies you can develop and use to overcome these challenges.

Have you ever been forced to compromise on color consistency? Have you ever been surprised to see your final printed package? A well-developed color management strategy can bring color consistency, predictability and repeatability to your brand. Join us for this webinar and never be forced to compromise again!

Presented by

Susie Stitzel,

Solution Manager – Packaging Lifecycle Management

Susie is Esko's Solution Manager for Packaging Lifecycle Management, responsible for the creation of packaging management solutions for brand owners and design agencies. She has been with Esko for 18 years and has over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry. She also assists universities and schools in packaging curriculum development. Susie has been a frequent speaker at major industry events for the Paperboard Packaging Council, Flexographic Technical Association, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Brand Protection Conference and the Packaging Design and Development Forum.

Cheryl Johnson,

Global Business Development, PantoneLIVE

Cheryl Johnson is currently Global Business Development for PantoneLIVE, across Esko, X-Rite & Pantone. She has 26 years experience in the packaging and prepress industry spanning two continents. Starting her career in the repro house of England, and progressing to production/operations management in the US. She joined Esko 10 years ago in a sales capacity, spending the last two years at X-Rite Pantone being immersed in color, and heading up sales efforts during the launch of PantoneLIVE.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn the 3 Keys to Brand Color Management
  • Understand the problems in managing brand colors and why these problems happen
  • Discover strategies and tools to effectively manage your brand colors
  • Eliminate color surprises and have confidence in the final printed results


  • Brand Manager
  • VP/Director of Packaging
  • VP/Director of Manufacturing
  • VP/Director of Procurement
  • Creative Director
  • VP/Director of Innovation
  • Sustainability Officer
  • VP/Director/Manager of Supply Chain
  • Heads of Packaging
  • Project/Traffic Managers for Packaging