How a Connected Digital Lab Can Foster Sustainability

Sponsored by: Dassault Systèmes - BIOVIA

Focused on:

  • Sustainability
  • Digital Lab

Date: 28 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Sustainability is more than a buzz word to be incorporated in a company’s public vision. It is becoming part of many companies’ culture and re-engineering the way companies work.

For science-based companies, the effect of this is no larger than in the laboratory where products are developed. Sustainability targets for a laboratory include not just efficiency and reduced use of materials but also product reformulations to minimize environmental impact.

The pace of change requires rapid innovation which in turn requires laboratories to make maximum use of their skills and knowledge. This is where a connected digital lab can make a significant beneficial impact. Join this webinar to discover what a connected digital lab can look like and how it can help improve productivity, reduce raw material usage, and comply with quality, safety and regulatory requirements.

You should attend this webinar if you work for a science-based company where sustainability is part of the company mission, vision or culture.

Presented by

Dr. Andy Mott,

Advisory Field Applications Scientist

Andy has worked for 25 years as a research chemist, a team and project leader in medical imaging and drug discovery. At the beginning of his career, everything was stored on paper and in people’s heads. He was instrumental in the early introduction of lab informatics and was one of the chief architects of the BIOVIA Electronic Lab Notebook. After leaving the lab he has helped thousands of scientists make the transition towards a digital lab.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Exchange consistent data and information more easily to improve collaboration, uncover insights, and make better decisions faster
  • Streamline and automate workflows with integrated solutions to allow scientists to focus on science
  • Reduce the number of physical experiments by leveraging existing data to optimize raw material use and reduce environmental footprint


  • Lab Scientist
  • Lab Manager
  • Computational Chemist
  • Lab Resource Manager
  • Lab Procedure Manager
  • Packaging
  • Head of Research & Development
  • Head of Innovation
  • Scientific Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Research Information Technology
  • General Manager Food & Beverage
  • Head of EH&S
  • Product Development Scientist
  • Product Development Engineer