Introducing GBPS 2018: Securing Your Brand in the Digital Age

Sponsored by: Compelo

Focused on:

  • Global Brand Protection Summit
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain

Date: 2 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

9th annual Global Brand Protection Summit will take place in Amsterdam on the 10-11 October 2018. This must attend event will bring together senior executives responsible for brand protection with firms developing new and innovative technologies to secure and protect global brands, in this cross-industry, global event. Once again, GBPS will deliver cutting-edge presentations on the key challenges as well as future opportunities for the industry, and wide-ranging technical developments in brand protection. We will be welcoming top-calibre speakers to our stage to share their success stories.

As the internet age has developed, the opportunities for IP infringements and the ability to distribute these infringing products has grown exponentially, so a key question is how to successfully protect your brand in this ever-changing environment. There is a need to unite online and offline brand protection strategies as there is a large proportion of the same perpetrators are involved in selling counterfeit goods online and offline - they are not separate worlds and although the dynamic is different, tackling both in tandem is the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your brand. The importance of this will be discussed in the webinar, with the key points of discussion including the following:

- The importance of uniting online and offline brand protection strategies to effectively counteract the supply of IP infringing products, and the effectiveness of a one-stop solution for brand owners
- Considering the close cooperation that is needed between online marketplaces and brand owners and the progress that is being made in this area with e-commerce service providers needing to take a more active role in the fight against counterfeit goods?
- Understanding the need to focus on wholesalers and suppliers to battle the small stores (both online and offline) selling counterfeit goods
- Discussing the considerable overlap between the people responsible for selling IP infringing goods online and offline, and the increased effectiveness resulting from dealing with both in tandem
- Assessing the brand protection challenges arising from the restricted availability of data resulting from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With the support of some of the industry's key people, we have developed this webinar to give you a taste of GBPS. From online to offline strategies; and to the new technologies that will come to dominate brand protection in the future, this one hour live panel discussion will aim to cover the most pressing issues facing the market.

Join us to get up-to-speed with the current state of affairs, meet our expert panel speakers and pose your questions during the broadcast.

Presented by

James Bevan,

Director, Vandagraf International Ltd.

James Bevan founded Consultancy Group Vandagraf International Limited in 2002. James has more than 35 years of experience based around the packaging and labeling of branded products, of which some 20 years involved being actively engaged in international consultancy projects.

He has directed and participated in the research, analysis and writing of numerous single client consultancy assignments as well as multi-client techno-economic reports, continuing to build on skills acquired during several years with the Battelle Institute in Geneva during the early 1980s. This was followed by a three year interim management assignment as European Packaging Manager with Energizer / Eveready, as well as a number of consultancy projects with various other companies in Switzerland including Nestle, Philip Morris & TetraPak prior to returning to the UK to join Labels & Labeling Consultancy in 1998.

James started his career with the Metal Box Company in London as an engineering graduate in 1974, having previously taken his BSc, (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton. He moved on from Metal Box after seven years to complete an MBA at INSEAD in France.

Jan de Visser,

Manager Brand Protection, Senior Director Global Brand Licensing - Philips IP & Standards

Jan is Senior Director in Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, responsible for Philips’ overall Brand Protection management, with specific focus on the PHILIPS wordmark and the Philips shield emblem. Having had several IP roles in Philips, Jan worked in Asia from 1998 till 2006 to curb regional counterfeit activities. As from January 2015, Jan manages the Brand Protection function in Philips worldwide. Jan has degrees in economics and law.

Dave Lukasik,

Director of Global Brand Protection, Urban Armor Gear

Dave Lukasik is a Brand Protection professional with over eleven years of experience developing, implementing and managing successful channel management programs for global organisations.
He develops individualised, cost effective programs following a proven strategy for success. Directing the consumer to purchase authentic products, through authorised channels, at the right price has resulted in the removal of millions of dollars’ worth of unauthorised offerings and increased the opportunity for the sale of authorized products.

Dave successfully created a business case for, developed, and managed Motorola’s first global brand protection organisation. The successful endeavour at Motorola resulted in the removal of over $25M in counterfeit product annually with limited headcount and a limited budget. Dave and his team develop and manage comprehensive brand protection programs for numerous, global, organizations and is currently managing Brand Protection activities for the highly popular “LuMee” line of phone cases.

Alessandra Chies,

China IP and Brand Protection Chief Counsel, Barzano & Zanardo

Alessandra Chies, currently working as China IP and Brand Protection Chief Counsel in the leading Italian Firm Barzano, has a decade of direct experience in assisting European and International companies on Intellectual Property Rights prosecution and enforcement, mostly focusing on China Laws and practices, standing that she lived in Beijing for 8 years and managed a Law Firm specialized in IP Registration and protection strategies.

Alessandra’s focus was of conducting administrative, civil and criminal actions, with special dedication on online sale of counterfeits, customs border protection, trademark and design registration strategies and prosecution actions. Alessandra is currently External Expert of the China IPR SME Helpdesk of the European Chamber of Commerce and collaborated with the EPO-MOFCOM EU-China Project for the Enforcement of IPR (IPR2). She often invited as speaker to seminars and workshops around Europe, related to IPR protection in China.

Alessandra holds a magna cum laude Law degree from the University of Bari, Italy, an LLM in international and European Business Law from Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge and a further Master in IP Law with a special focus on Chinese IP Law from Milan Polytechnic University in collaboration with Tongji University- Shanghai. She speaks Italian, fluent English and basic Mandarin.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the Global Brand Protection Summit from top market players
  • Hear the experts talking about strategies and technologies to maximise brand protection
  • Understand where brand protection is in 2018: What is the state of play?
  • Dealing with online IP infringements: A key challenge in the internet age


  • Director
  • Intellectual Property
  • Head of Legal
  • Head of Brand Protection
  • Head of Product Integrity
  • Head of Patents
  • Global Anti-Counterfeiting Director
  • Chief Intellectual Property Counsel