Make Your Current Package or Label "Smart" and Able to Communicate

Sponsored by: Systech

Focused on:

  • Smart Labelling
  • Brand Protection

Date: 19 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Using cutting edge brand protection technology to enable direct information exchange

Everything in today’s world is about the connected “everything”. Smart products, the Internet of Things, a world where E-everything is the norm. The vast majority of products in the global marketplace, however, are decidedly non-connected. They may have some codes to scan where you’re directed to a generic website for some information. But there’s no one-to-one communication or connectivity for that product.

What if there could be? What if you had the ability to be able to have a unique and singular product out in the marketplace communicate back? And you’d know exactly which individual package that was that came off your production line. What would you want to communicate to the person holding the product? What information might you want that person to give back? What if we actually had the ability to “connect” the non-connected?

This gets pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Join this session and find out more.

Presented by

Jim Sinisgalli,

Director of Market Development, UniSecure

Jim Sinisgalli is Director of Product Management – Brand Protection. He presently leads and guides Systech’s anti-counterfeit and authentication business to develop strategies which protect brands from counterfeit, diversion and other illicit trade. He is responsible for developing and executing Systech’s authentication strategy working with leaders across products and services, and sales.

Jim's more than twenty-year career as a visionary leader includes half of his career spent protecting customers' most precious assets from data to physical product.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover a brand protection solution that leverages a products existing package
  • Learn how that will aid in anti-counterfeiting and diversion protection
  • See how this is enabled on smartphones, and what information can be provided
  • Introduce the ability to communicate information back from an individual product


  • Brand Owners
  • Brand Protection Officer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Brand Legal Management
  • Supply Chain Management