Next generation PET/PP cutting tool technologies

Sponsored by: Rohrer Tools AG

Focused on:

  • Cutting Tool Technologies
  • Cutting Systems

Date: 15 June


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Long service life, maximum process reliability and best cutting results due to scientifically based development

The switch from polystyrene to PET, PP and other, more sustainable film systems has a significant impact on the (usual) performance of low-waste cutting systems. The service life of tools based on previous technologies is significantly reduced, and certain configurations can only continue to be realized with greater effort. New concepts will be presented that ensure cost- efficient and stable die cutting processes for the materials currently being traded as the films of the future.

Results from simulations of PET materials and their influence on the cutting process will be presented. The implementation of these results in the new generation of die cutting tools is a central topic.

The resulting new cutting tool designs, which again require higher production and assembly quality, will be presented.

Join us in the world of new films and the associated new generation of low-waste cutting tools.

Presented by

Dr. Carsten Lautz,

General Manager

- Born, raised and high school in Münster/Germany
- Physics degree and doctorate
- In technical sales for 25 years
- Working in Switzerland for almost 20 years
- Over 10 year experience in the field of precision cutting tools

Jürgen Nick,

Head of R&D

- Born, raised and high school in Kempten / Germany
- Engineer’s degree (FH)
- 28 years experience in film business (flexible films / laminates, rigid films; application, development, production)

Key Learning Objectives

  • Impact of PET and others on the cutting process
  • Opportunities and limitations in low-waste cutting of PET, PP, etc.
  • New cutting tool concepts for modern films that have already been implemented
  • Future perspectives for further tool developments


  • Head of packaging
  • Head of engineering
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of environmental affairs
  • Head of sales
  • Project manager
  • Head of service and maintenance
  • Head of production
  • Production manager
  • Packaging engineers
  • Plant manager