Packaging Design at the speed of NOW!

Sponsored by: Plastics Color Corporation

Focused on:

  • Color
  • Interactive
  • Design
  • Development

Date: 19 March


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

Leverage the power of interactive design application to gain a competitive edge

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how many colors you can create from just a few ‘primary’ colors. With this endless rainbow of colors, how can designers and processors possibly have all the knowledge required to make color a meaningful part of a product’s brand?

Packaging design revolves around being able to offer unique concepts and colors along with the ability to bring these ideas to market VERY QUICKLY.

Ask yourself what if...
• ...an interactive design tool could help you create new products in record time along with the ability to take those ideas into commercial reality faster?
• ...your design team could communicate and collaborate on new ideas in real-time, with an ability to show these products in a fraction of the time of a conventional color development process?
• ...you could communicate these ideas in the form of a plastic part or a storyboard anywhere across the globe instantly?
• ...you could access all of the geographically specific color trends in any market in one application?


Join us on March 19th to learn about the design functionality of the interactive design application, isaac®. Through this application, you’ll have access to a wide array of design ideas along with the ability to bring those ideas to market in record time!

WE ARE...re-imagining the concept of color!!

Presented by

Timothy Workman,

Vice President Business Development/Technology

Tim has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio. Tim is at the forefront of the rebranding and forward strategy of PCC. He has lead the development of several innovative product lines along with unique methods of incorporating technology to engage the marketplace.

Sara Martin,

Color Marketing and Strategic Accounts Manager

Sara has a Bachelors Degree in Art from Elon University in North Carolina. Her professional focus has been in the areas of Graphic Design and Color Theory. Sara assists PCC and her customers with color identification and development from both trending and commercial perspectives.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • To discuss a new color introduction process that can improve your speed to market.
  • Learn to develop a commercialization strategy for your design team built around speed to market.
  • Learn to control design choices while maintaining maximum brand impact of your new designs.
  • Learn how the system will impact costs of design and product introduction.


  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • Project Managers
  • Packaging Directors
  • R&D VP
  • Packaging Designers
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies
  • Packaging Converters
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Strategic Sourcing Leaders