Supply Chain Resilience – A Must Strategy Component in Todays Unpredictable Environment

Sponsored by: Now Plastics

Focused on:

  • Packaging Industry

Date: 27 January


Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET / 9AM EST

Today, the flexible packaging industry faces several unprecedented challenges. Join Oded E’dan, founder and president of Now Plastics for over 40 years, and Larry Silverstein, the company’s CEO, as they share their vast global knowledge and industry experience about how to establish a resilient supply chain.

2020 has been a challenging year, leaving businesses across the flexible packaging supply chain having to deal with the following factors:

1. A surge in demand for packaged food – COVID-19-related health and safety restrictions require grocery stores, restaurants and food service providers to employ sterile food purchasing solutions. Meanwhile, consumer fears around food availability have led to stockpiling and panic purchases. These phenomena are impacting predictability of demand for flexible packaging.
2. Industry consolidation – changes in the make-up of industry players has impacted bargaining power relating to prices and services, especially for small-medium sizes converters.
3. Market expectations - the continuous demand for reduced packaging costs and global pressure around sustainability have created a pressing need for converters to partner with the most suitable suppliers.
4. Uncertainty - responsive and flexible supply chains are required to manage the unpredictability of governments’ response to COVID-19, and lack of certainty as to how the pandemic will continue to evolve and affect our industry.

In this webinar, we will highlight the different methods and services that converters should implement to succeed in these uncertain times. We will also show how these options can be combined and applied to establish a resilient yet flexible supply chain.

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Presented by

Oded E’dan,

Now Plastics Founder & President

Mr. E'dan founded NOW Plastics in 1978 and is presently Chairman and President focusing primarily on strategic planning and business development projects. Mr E’dan holds two master’s degrees, one in Communications (UCLA) and one in Business Administration (Northrop University).

Lawrence Silverstein,

CEO, Now Plastics

Mr. Silverstein has joined Now Plastics in 1997, first as Executive Vice President and CFO, and since 2000 as one of the two shareholders. He has been CEO of Now Plastics for over a decade and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations. Mr. Silverstein is a fully licensed CPA, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in Accounting, both earned from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Massachusetts.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Current flexible industry driving forces
  • Main challenges facing converters today
  • Sustainable products as part of a well-balanced product portfolio
  • Supply-chain resilience – the musts


  • Head of packaging
  • Head of purchasing
  • Head of procurement
  • Brand owners
  • Packaging engineers
  • Packaging Designers
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of innovations
  • Product Development Engineer
  • VP/Director of Packaging
  • VP/Director of Procurement
  • VP/Director/Manager of Supply Chain
  • Project/Traffic Managers for Packaging
  • C-Level of Packaging
  • Packaging Technologist
  • VP/Director/Manager of New Product Development
  • Sustainability Officer