The Electronic Lab Notebook - a bridge for people and systems

Sponsored by: Dassault Systèmes - BIOVIA

Focused on:

  • Research And Development
  • Electronic Lab Notebook

Date: 18 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Consumer Packaged Goods and Food Industry R&D

Sharing R&D information across groups and site is a major challenge for many corporations. In addition many applications are deployed in isolation, leading to inefficiencies for the employees and a poor overview of intellectual property assets. BIOVIA ELNs offer the capabilities to streamline the documentation and protection of intellectual property, help scientists collaborate in global and networked activities from discovery to manufacturing, and make scientific data and observations associated with experimentation easier to search, find and use. They can be used as a standalone system spanning across multiple sites, or as a platform where other scientific applications can be integrated and readily available in an experiment centric way for the users.

While ELNs have been used within Pharma industry for several years, they are still relatively new to other industries, such as Consumer Packaged Goods or Food & Beverage. BIOVIA Notebook has proven very successful in such sectors, primarily due to the flexibility and low total cost of ownership. Chr Hansen, a pioneer in food R&D for the dairy industry will discuss how their ELN is used to bridge technology centers and R&D sites.

Introducing new IT systems that affect many users could be challenging, in particular for large organizations. This webinar will describe how BIOVIA Notebook has been deployed to 1000+ users in different areas of R&D. The impact also of only the out-of-the-box solution is significant, giving confidence to the organization to proceed with further digitalization of the R&D environment.

Presented by

Mats Kihlén,

Product Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Mats has a long history of leading Research Informatics teams in Pharma and Biotech companies before joining BIOVIA. He is one of the architects behind the BIOVIA Notebook system. With his broad experience of industrial R&D – including modeling, project management and contract research – Mats is often engaged in interaction with customers and ELN implementation projects.

Morten Meldgaard, MSc, PhD & PMP,

Project Director, Chr. Hansen A/S

Morten Meldgaard holds a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, a PhD in Genetics and Protein Chemistry and is a certified project manager (www.pmi.org). Over the past 10 years he has been responsible for the establishment of global IT systems at Chr. Hansen A/S. Currently he is managing a program aiming at building up big data capabilities. First step was implementation of electronic laboratory notebooks to store Research and Development data. Now focus is on a big data setup for capture of data from multiple sources and broad use of the stored data including integration with data from other sources.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The value of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for CPG and Food & Beverage industries
  • Experiences from Chr. Hansen on how Electronic Lab Notebooks can connect sites and systems
  • Scalable deployment options for fast user acceptance and uptake in large organizations


  • Lab Scientist
  • Lab Manager
  • Computational Chemist
  • Lab Resource Manager
  • Lab Procedure Manager Innovation
  • Packaging
  • SVP/VP/Director/Head of Research & Development
  • Head of Innovation/Scientific Innovation
  • VP Research Information Technology/Research IT
  • General Manager Food & Beverage
  • VP/SVP/Director/Head of EH&S
  • Product Development Scientist
  • Product Development Engineer