The way to sustainable packaging

Sponsored by: Baumer hhs GmbH, Follmann GmbH &Co KG

Focused on:

  • Sustainbale Packaging

Date: 11 February


Time: 4PM Berlin/ 10AM New York

How gluing can contribute to sustainability in the end-of-line packaging- actual situation

Climate change, limited resources and declining biodiversity are some of the challenges that every industry, including the packaging industry, has to face. Baumer hhs as one of the suppliers of adhesive application systems is making its contribution on the way to a circular economy and reduction of resource consumption. The first small steps have been taken. Baumer hhs follows the motto: "Rethink, Renew, Recycle". Under the motto "Rethink" we would like to exchange ideas with our stakeholders in this webinar. The question is, what are the next steps towards a sustainable packaging industry? What can the gluing process contribute to this?

In the webinar, we will also show which steps can already be taken today in the gluing process to reduce the CO2 footprint and conserve resources.

You are welcome to ask questions in advance, which we will gladly answer during the webinar.

Drastic man-made climate change is here and it affects us all.

The future of our global society will be marked by major changes on an unprecedented scale. We will all clearly feel the consequences of climate change. Our responsibility as humanity is now to limit the extent of climate change, to develop and implement concepts for sustainable living.
As a company, we are therefore also facing a wide range of challenges.
We want to combine seemingly contradictory goals into a new and comprehensive goal and make our contribution to a sustainable future.

Climate protection and sustainability are gradually finding their way into corporate policy. We show how Follmann has been implementing these issues in the company for many years and how the first bio-based hotmelt adhesive was developed.
The measures implemented cover many other aspects of corporate action, from the selection of raw materials, the provision of energy or the avoidance of waste.

However: Sustainable bonding is much more than just the use of biobased raw materials.

We will show that there are many more ways to improve sustainability and climate protection.

Together with our customers, we want to work out what other possibilities exist and how we can best support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals by using our adhesives.

Presented by

Thomas Walther,

Head of Business Development

Printing Engineer
MSC Management
LLM Master of Law
Certified Product Compliance Officer
For 20 years leading positions in development and innovation management. 2011-2019 Head of Development at Baumer hhs, 2019 new position as Head of Business Development.
Innovator, looking for holistic sustainability, passionate about gluing and bonding.

Andreas Brandt,

Marketing Manager

Graduated in business administration marketing.

Experience in packaging production and climate neutral calculations.

Focused on communication about new production possibilities in packaging.

Dana Seliger,

Sustainable Product Manager

Studied graduate engineer for media production in 2011.

Experiences in far east production, chain of custody certifications and product safety.

Working since 2018 for Follmann Group: first projects for a sustainable supply chain and sustainable portfolio management.

Currently finishing the MBA for Sustainability Management by research in Social Life Cycle Assessment.

Sebastian Drewes,

Sales Manager

Graduated 2003 in business administration.

More than 15 years of technical and sales experience in paper and packaging industry.

Strong focus on corrugated and end-of-line.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Sustainable Gluing
  • Sustainable Adhesives
  • Partnering is needed
  • Sustainable packaging


  • Sustainable Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Packaging Designer/Developer
  • CSR Manager
  • Head of Sustainable Management
  • Head of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Packaging Design