Advantages of polymer syringes for demanding formulations

Sponsored by: Gerresheimer

Focused on:

  • Prefillable Polymer Syringes
  • Glass Syringe Alternative

Date: 27 September


Time: 8:30 New York/ 2:30PM Germany

Prefillable polymer syringes, an innovative primary packaging solution that meets your specific requirements

Prefillable polymer syringes have gained big interest by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. Besides the traditional glass syringes, polymer syringes have established in the aesthetics as well as in the biotech and animal health sectors.

There are some advantages of polymer syringes, especially high break resistance and freedom of design, as they are not produced from tubes like glass syringes. Especially for highly demanding drug formulations, the features "glue free" and "tungsten free" are important. Particulate matter caused by the siliconization of the syringes are often an issue for sensitive drug formulations. So low particle loads are achieved by a special siliconization and there are silicone free options feasible. Protein adsorption on the container surface may pose a problem. As COP reacts different from glass, some test results on protein adsorption will be presented.

The webinar will also introduce the new production facility for "Gx RTF® ClearJect®" COP syringes in Germany.Bernd Zeiß, Manager Technical Support Medical Systems at Gerresheimer Buende will give a deeper insight into the world of prefillable polymer syringes. The pros and cons of polymer syringes vs. glass syringes are discussed. You will have the opportunity to ask special questions to our technical expert. The webinar addresses packaging developers and pharmacists of all skill levels. Besides the material and syringe properties, also behavior on filling lines and special requirements and adaptions in this field as well as drug-container interactions will be discussed.

In case prefillable polymer syringes are a topic in your company, don’t miss to register for this webinar.

Presented by

Bernd Zeiss,

Head of Global Technical Support Gx® Solutions & Syringe Systems

Bernd Zeiss studied biology, microbiology and chemistry at Goettingen University, Germany. Today he is part of the Center of Excellence for prefillable syringes in Buende. As Technical Support Manager he concentrates on drug-container interactions, new developments in the field of prefillable syringes (e.g. materials like COP), technical studies related to prefillable syringes and technical documentation.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Advantages of polymer syringes
  • Differences to glass syringes
  • Behaviour on filling lines, adaptions needed
  • Drug-container interactions


  • Head of Research & Development
  • R&D Managers
  • Drug Development Experts
  • Head of Packaging
  • Packaging Project Managers
  • Packaging Developers
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Packaging Specialists
  • Packaging Engineers