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Sponsored by: aicas GmbH

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Date: 10 June


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

How Software Will Shape the Future of Driving

Imagine: Fleets of vehicles that drive themselves entirely independent of human input. This possible future is devoid of traffic jams and deadly accidents, while time spent in transit will likely look more like leisure time with passengers watching movies, reading books, or just enjoying the scenery without having to pay attention to the cars around them.

One of the top tech stories over the past five years has been the development of autonomous vehicles. Once something seen exclusively in science fiction movies, today the market for autonomous vehicles is projected to reach more than USD 556
billion by 2026.

Because autonomous vehicles by their nature will need to be connected, we can see the enormity of the amount of data that will be generated, as more and more autonomous vehicles hit the road. This poses a significant challenge for engineers and manufacturers looking to build the next generation of autonomous vehicles. That data is essential to train and develop systems that can manage all the complex aspects of driving that we, as humans, already do.

With so much data to manage, real-time performance in autonomous cars is a significant problem that needs to be solved.

That is, software needs to do more than simply manage data; it needs to deliver unimpeded performance of critical systems while also being flexible to allow for future expansion. And it needs to do all of this flawlessly.

By using software, manufacturers can even connect legacy hardware systems while still deploying new applications, extending the vehicle’s life and value while customizing the user experience. Are you interested in the future of driving and how software is going to manage millions of data? We invite you to join us for this webinar.

Presented by

Matt Anderson,

Business Development Executive

Matt is a business development executive in the connected vehicle industry. He has worked with automotive tier suppliers servicing clients’ globally and served as an advisor to technology startups. He has over 15 years’ experience in helping organizations deploy connected vehicle solutions involving applications, embedded systems, and cloud infrastructure for security, infotainment, over-the-air, analytics, monetization, and fleet solutions.

Johannes M. Biermann,

President - Aicas GmbH

Johannes M. Biermann is President of aicas GmbH and its US subsidiary aicas America Limited. He previously held leadership roles in both Hewlett Packard, Roseville, California, USA and Böblingen, Germany, as well as at Siemens AG in Munich, Germany. His professional tenure of almost 30 years covers corporate strategy, strategy and organizational change management consulting, product management, marketing, and customer operations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How software is going to manage millions of data
  • The six levels that define autonomous driving
  • Meet the Software that Will Fuel the Autonomous Driving Experience
  • The bottom line for manufacturers is that the automated cars of tomorrow will rely on software serving as a bridge between today’s connected vehicles


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  • Operations (Deployment) Manager
  • Data Manager
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment Manager
  • Telematics / Connected Vehicle Manager
  • Pre Development Management