The PBX is Dead, Now What? - Platforms, Players, & Predictions for 2017 - 2PM London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • P B X
  • Market Trends

Date: 28 April


Time: 9AM Boston / 2PM London

Re-platforming Decisions To Harness the Second Wave of Productivity

Current Analysis has identified two distinct waves of adoption where advances in technology have contributed to distinct business benefits. The First Wave of Consolidation focused on simplifying IT Infrastructure and the user interface; namely, convergence, virtualization, integration and simplification. However, a more impactful emergent second wave of productivity is emerging and gathering pace. Those vendors and customers that fail to recognize the impact of this second wave should prepare for severe disruption.

In this webinar: The PBX is Dead- Platforms, Players, & Predictions for 2017, we will explore key market trends, how traditional and current technologies are failing to address current market needs, and why new product categories are emerging. We will also highlight the two waves of productivity (plus their individual component parts) and how IT buyers should invest why these are important business drivers. Consequently, this will help customers consider how to maximize their future collaboration and communications investment and help vendors anticipate market demand and product development.

How well-placed is your company to catch this next wave of productivity? How are the market dynamics changing? Who are your emerging competitors and how will these changes will affect your current business? We look forward to your registration, attendance, and questions.

Presented by

Tim Banting,

Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communications, Custom Data and Analytics

As Principal Analyst within the Business Technology and Software group, Tim Banting tracks and assesses the rapidly evolving communications and collaboration marketplace. His areas of coverage include collaboration platforms, unified communications, video collaboration and social analytics. Tim has over 20 years experience in the unified communications and collaboration field having held business development, pre-sales, technical marketing and senior product management roles.

Coverage Areas:
- Collaboration Platforms
- Unified Communications and Contact Center

Key Learning Objectives

  • To establish and identify where your company is on the productivity wave.
  • To identify how and why you may need to re-platform to improve team productivity and agility.
  • To gain perspective on the key product solution developments coming from the supplier community.
  • To gain perspective in aligning your investments to maximize business value.


  • IT professionals
  • Telecoms Managers
  • Heads of Sales
  • Heads of Business Development
  • Heads of Product